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Welcome to Saint-Petersburg!


"Northern Capital" of Russia is situated at the coast of Finland's Gulf of Baltic Sea in a mouth of the river Neva and on islands of the Neva delta. The city is located on 60-th degree of northern breadth, i.e. at that breadth which passes through the south of Alaska, Chukotka, Greenland, capitals of the Scandinavian states: Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo.


Visitors of St.Petersburg from all over the world come to observe delightful "white nights". They come on May, 25-26 and come to an end on July, 16-17. The peak of the white nights is necessary for June, 21-22'st when day length makes 18 hours of 53 minutes, i.e. the sun only for a short while comes for horizon. St.-Petersburg borrows territory 606 sq.km., together with suburbs 1 439 sq.km. Extent of city from the north on the south makes 44 km, from the West on the east 25 km. The population according to last census 4 780 000.


Climate of St.Petersburg transitive from sea to continental, soft and damp, with significant overcast, frequent fogs and rains.


In the autumn of 1702 during Northern war the Russian armies have taken Swedish fortress Noteburgh. Thus, the output of Russia to Baltic sea has been opened, "the window to the Europe is cut through". Emperor Peter I have enjoined - to construct for strengthening northern borders a fortress in a mouth of the river of Neva - and in May, 1703 on the Harrell island in delta of Neva was there is begun construction fortress Saint-Peter-Burgh.


Date of a bookmark of a fortress - on May, 23 (on May, 16 on old style) 1703 became day of the basis of city of St.-Petersburg. Per 1711 the imperial family and a court yard have moved on coast of Neva, and per 1712 the capital of Russia has been transferred to St.Petersburg.


From the very beginning of construction Peter I aspired to create "regular", smart city. City with a precise lay-out and the general architectural decisions.


City the palace. City - "dazzling" capital of the great state. Therefore the external shape of St.Petersburg was defined only by leading architects of time.


The first architect of the capital, who has developed the plan of city centre, became D.Trezini. In city created B.Rastrelli and K.Rossi, O.Monferran and J.Felten, V.Bazhenov and A.Voronihin, and also other brilliant masters. Their work has made our city "Northern Venice", "The museum open-air" with which admire all who, even time, has visited St.Petersburg.




Suburbs of St.Petersburg are magnificent. Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin), Pavlovsk, Petrodvorets (Peterhof) and Gatchina masterpieces of palace-park ensembles. Catharine palace in Pushkin with Amber Room recently opened for excursions are simply unique.


World famous SUBURBS of the St.Petersburg


St.Petersburg inspired A.Pushkin and M.Lermontov, L.Tolstoy and N.Gogol, A.Blok and A.Ahmatova, many and many other things remarkable poets and prose writers. Music of great composers P.Tchaikovsky and M.Musorgsky, N.Glinka and D.Shostakovich, for the first time sounded in St.Petersburg, till now submits people all over the world.


St.Petersburg the largest museum center not only in Russia, but also all over the world. More than 100 museums among which world-wide well-known the Hermitage and Russian museum, possess a unique collection of products of painting, a sculpture, schedules, arts and crafts.


St.Petersburg the well-known theatrical center. The European capitals can envy theatrical repertoire all. Troupe of Mariinsky (Kirov) theatre led by the maestro of Century V.Gergiev - the welcome guest of the best world theatrical and ballet halls.


St.Petersburg the largest research and educational center. Scientific schools, theoretical and applied researches of scientists of St.Petersburg in the field of humanitarian and engineering science are recognized all over the world.


St.Petersburg the largest seaport of Russia on the Baltic Sea. Hundred thousand passengers and millions tons of cargoes pass annually through Peter "window to the Europe".


We shall be glad to see you in our fine city and hope, that it will subdue you and you become its frequent visitor!