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Have you already decided to arrive to Saint-Petersburg?
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Dear Guests and Parthners!

We invite you to visit Russia and open for yourself our country.

Open our history and modern.

We invite you to feel our hospitality and changes that proceed in Russia.

Today Russia going the way for opening to the world.

The way on which man to man contacts and personal impression are mainstream.


During tour you understood that St.Petersburg is absolutely the most beautiful city in Russia. It is not surprising that the inhabitants feel that Russia really has two capitals. The elegant mixture of Italian baroque and Russian styles is reflected in many palaces over the city.

St. Petersburg was founded in the XVIII century by order of Tsar Peter the Great with the intention to make it his window to Europe. Along the wide boulevard Nevski Prospekt you will find huge stores and outdoor places where you can sit back and enjoy the bustle of a metropolis. This part of town is crisscrossed with canals and surrounded by exquisite palaces of the old aristocracy.

The impressive country homes of the Russian tsars are a short distance out of town and may be visited on various excursions to: Tsarskoe Selo (city Pushkin); Petrodvorets (Peterhof), Gatchina etc.


St.Petersburg HIGHLIGHTS


Programs in St.Petersburg for INDIVIDUALS & GROUPS


EXCURSIONS by rivers & channels in St.Petersburg


Tours to the MOSCOW

During tour to Moscow you can see fabulous significant sites such as the gilded domes of the Kremlin-churches and the Christ-the-Savior Cathedral, which was destroyed by Stalin and is completely restored today. Historical buildings are still plentiful in the most ancient part of Moscow.

Especially inside the oldest defense structure, the Kremlin, are many churches and palaces. Moscow is a large metropolis. The great part of inhabitants use the metro. Metro is usual for them. They didnt even see the admire of beauty and splendor of the metro stations. But for your fresh glance it would be astonishment.






Tours to the Saint Petersburg + MOSCOW

Both Russian Capitals you can see during 7 days/6 nights tour: